22. Tsudo-shiroyama Kofun

Tsudo-shiroyama Kofun is a keyhole-shaped mounded tomb located in the most northern part of the Furuichi area.

The mound length is 210 m, and the height of its round rear part is 16.9 m.

The burial facility, which was discovered at the upper part of the round rear part in 1912, is a pit-style stone compartment containing the largest chest-shaped stone coffin ever discovered in Japan. From within the chamber and the coffin, artifacts have been unearthed, including bronze mirrors, iron armor and weapons, bracelet-shaped stone items, and various types of personal ornament.

The mound is surrounded by a wide double moat and bank, but the moats are preserved underground.

Within the inner moat, an islet facility was built on each side of the square front part. The islet facility on the east side has a side length of 17 m, in which three realistic waterfowl-shaped haniwa had been arranged.

The construction period dates to the second half of the 4th century.

Walk 17 minutes to the north from Fujiidera Station on the Kintetsu Railway Minami-Osaka Line.