29. Nakayamazuka Kofun

Nakayamazuka Kofun is a square mounded tomb located alongside Suketayama Kofun [28] and Yashimazuka Kofun [30].

The mound length is 50 m, and its height is 8.5 m.

Cylindrical haniwa have been excavated from the moat.

The construction period dates to the first half of the 5th century.

In 1978, two large wooden sleds called shura were excavated from the moat between Nakayamazuka and Yashimazuka. It is considered that they were used to carry the stone coffins and the materials used for the stone chambers at the time of their construction. The larger is displayed at Osaka Prefectural Chikatsu Asuka Museum, and the smaller at Fujiidera City Library.

Walk 6 minutes to the south from Hajinosato Station on the Kintetsu Railway Minami-Osaka Line.