44. Minegazuka Kofun

Minegazuka Kofun is a keyhole-shaped mounded tomb constructed in the southern part of the Furuichi area.

The mound length is 96 m, and the height of the square front part is 10 m. It had a double moat at the time of construction.

For the burial facility, a pit-style stone compartment was used, with a boat-shaped stone coffin made in Kyushu. Various grave goods have been unearthed from the chamber, including bronze mirrors, swords, iron arrowheads, large quantities of beads and horse trappings, and personal ornaments made of gold and silver.

Sue ware (stoneware) and cylindrical and representational haniwa (earthenware funerary sculptures) have been excavated from the mound and the moat.

The construction period dates to the second half of the 5th century.

Walk 15 minutes to the west from Furuichi Station on the Kintetsu Railway Minami-Osaka Line.