2-1. Nintoku-tenno-ryo Kofun

Nintoku-tenno-ryo Kofun, a keyhole-shaped mounded tomb located in the central part of the Mozu area, is the largest kofun in Japan. The location was apparently selected with clear consideration given to how it would be viewed from Osaka Bay.

The mound length is 486 m, and its total length, including the triple moat, is 840 m.

According to a geographical booklet from the Edo period (mid-18th century), a stone coffin was reportedly used in the burial facility in the round rear part.

In 1872, on the south slope of the square part, a pit-style stone compartment and a chest-shaped stone coffin were uncovered, from which grave goods have been unearthed, revealing that the grave goods included armor made of gold-plated bronze plates.

The construction period dates to the first half of the 5th century.

Walk 6 minutes to the northwest from Mozu Station on the JR Hanwa Line.