What is Mozu-Furuichi Kofungun?

Construction age and composition of the mounded tomb group

Location of  Mozu-Furuichi Kofungun The “Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group*”,nominated for inscription on the World Heritage List, is composed of 49 mounded tombs, which densely concentrate in the Mozu and Furuichi areas on the top of a plateau in the southern part of Osaka Plain which was one of the political and cultural centers of the archipelago, facing a bay which was a maritime gateway to continental Asia. Having survived for 1,600 years since they were constructed between the late 4th and late 5th centuries, the tombs are legally protected today as Ryobo (national properties designated as imperial mausolea) or Historic Sites (under the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties), and they are appropriately managed by the national or local governments, and in some cases in coordination with private owners. *Kofun Group is called Kofungun in the original language, and it stands for ancient mounded tombs grouped together in a certain area.

Mozu-Furuichi Kofungun▲ Mozu-Furuichi Kofungun